Questions and Answers

Q- Why should we go with your venue if you don't provide food or drinks?

A- Since we do not provide the following we give people the liberty of letting you choose where you would like to eat or drink. Most catering companies deliver, and there are also apps that can deliver drinks and alcohol. In the end, you would only have to bring very little since we do most of the decorations and setups.

Q- When are you open?

A- As stated pretty much everywhere you'll find our info we are open from Tuesday through Friday 6 pm-9 pm

Q- Which are the best days to come to the office?

A- The best days to come are Tuesday-Thursday because those are days that we rarely have parties so it would be perfect to see the venue without interference. Plus we have it decorated for the next event so you would see the venue decorated. If you come Friday would be difficult to see due to the ongoing party and/or staff in the middle of getting things ready.

Q- Do you provide decorations? Or do we have to decorate ourselves?

A- It all depends on the package you choose. We provide packages that have decorations but it all depends on what you prefer. Everything that is stated in the packages is what is included. Most people prefer the diamond package or above if they want a lot of decors

Q- Do you have parking?

A- We do not have our own parking lot but there are two municipal parking lots near our location. 1st is on 59th st madison ave (Behind Footlocker). 2nd is on 61st Van Buren Pl (behind Las Palmas). The municipal parking lots have machines where the guest would need to pay for parking. For more questions about parking in the parking lots please contact the West New York Parking Authority.

Q- Do you provide food or beverages?

A- We provide neither but we do have recommendations for catering. As for the beverages, the event host would also have to provide that. The bartender serves the drinks the host of the party brings. We do not sell drinks, candy, and food.

Q- Can we take out the waitresses and bartenders?

A- No, the waitresses and bartenders keep our venue clean and are essential for a party.

Q- Valet parking?

A- No

Q- How many floors are there?

A- It is only one floor, but we do have a dressing room in the basement.